Trademarks Policy

This document outlines the policy for allowed usage of the "Nerves" word and the Nerves logo by other parties.

"Nerves" and the Nerves logo are trademarks of the Nerves Project Authors. The Nerves Project Authors believe in a decentralized approach to growing the community and the ecosystem, independent of the Nerves Project and the Nerves Project Authors.

Anyone can use the Nerves trademarks if that use of the trademark is nominative. The trademarks must not be used to disparage the project and its community, nor be used in any way to imply ownership, endorsement, or association with the Nerves Project and the Nerves Project Authors.

You must not visually combine the Nerves logo with any other images, or change the logo in any way other than ways required by printing restrictions. If you want to create your own visual identity in relation to Nerves, you might use the shape of an unrelated "N" as part of your design, as seen in many community projects and initiatives. You must not combine or modify the Nerves logo.


Nominative use

The “nominative use” (or “nominative fair use”) is a legal doctrine that authorizes everyone (even commercial companies) to use or refer to the trademark of another if:

Our trademarks must be used to refer to the Nerves project.

Examples of permitted use

All examples listed next must strictly adhere to the terms outlined in the previous sections:

Examples of not permitted use

Here is a non-exhaustive list of non permitted uses of the marks:

Examples that require permission

Here are some examples that may be granted permission upon request:

You can request permission by emailing

Important note

Nothing in this page shall be interpreted to allow any third party to claim any association with the Nerves project and the Nerves Project Authors, or to imply any approval or support by the Nerves project and the Nerves Project Authors for any third party products, services, or events.