Sponsoring the Nerves Project

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring the Nerves Project!

While we completely enjoy working on the project, the reality is that we can make better progress with companies and individuals supporting our efforts. We’re an open-source project, so in keeping with those principles, we’d like to be completely transparent in this effort and appropriately recognize everyone involved.

To do this, we have two options for sponsorship:

The first is to make a recurring contribution through our Open Collective website. Contributions can be a small as $2/month. Funds from Open Collective go to paying for operational and marketing expenses. As funds allow, this will also allow us to pay for important project needs, such as professional technical documentation, that are not as easily sourced through open-source contributions. Full details on our actual use of funds is recorded on the Open Collective site.

The second option is to sponsor a Nerves team member. While sponsors certainly can state their priorities, the spirit of this sponsorship is that it funds one or more individuals on a weekly basis and acknowledges that some time will be spent on maintenance, infrastructure, or other activities important to the project. All work is to be open-source (Apache Licensed, barring a few exceptions) and hosted on the nerves-project GitHub organization. Sponsorship is handled directly with the team member being sponsored. For example, full-time employment with a guaranteed number of hours per week or days per month to work on Nerves would count as a sponsorship.

We recognize sponsorship at the following levels:

  • Platinum sponsor - 52+ person-weeks/year
  • Gold sponsor - 26+ person-weeks/year
  • Silver sponsor - 13+ person-weeks/year
  • Bronze sponsor - 5+ person-weeks/year

Sponsorship levels are reevaluated annually.

Backers and sponsors will be displayed on http://nerves-project.org/ and https://github.com/nerves-project/nerves.

Thanks again for your interest. If you would like to sponsor the Nerves Project or have more questions, please let us know either on the Elixir Slack or by emailing fhunleth at troodon-software.com.