Craft and deploy bulletproof embedded software in Elixir


Pack your whole application into as little as 12MB and have it start in seconds by booting a lean cross-compiled Linux directly to the battle-hardened Erlang VM.


Let Nerves take care of the network, discovery, I/O, firmware updates and more. Focus on what matters and have fun writing robust and maintainable software.


Go from "mix new" to running code on your device in minutes. From cross-compilation to remote device access, our tools got you covered.

Nerves is young, but already powers rock-solid shipping industrial products! Check us out if you are a hearty experimenter and interested in a new way of creating embedded systems.

Nerves is also fully open source with the majority of code licensed under Apache 2.0. Nerves does make use of non-Apache 2.0 code such as the Linux kernel and Buildroot. Licensing details of non-Elixir components is provided via Buildroot tooling. Licensing details for Elixir components is available through

Hardware Support

Nerves supports many popular prototyping boards such as the Beaglebone Black and Raspberry Pi family. If a board can run embedded Linux (not uClinux), it likely can run Nerves.


We would like to thank all of the companies and individuals that have made it financially possible for Nerves to remain a completely open source project. See sponsoring for more information.

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