craft bulletproof firmware in the stunningly productive elixir language


Using a lean, custom cross-compiled linux, nerves boots directly to the battle hardened BEAM VM, starting your application in seconds.


Most devices need to get on a network, get discovered, update firmware, and deal with I/O of various kinds. You're not on your own.


Cross-compliation can be a total drag. We're making it smooth as silk. We are working to get you from "mix new" to running code on your device in minutes.

We support prototyping on Raspberry Pi, Pi 2, and Beaglebone Black.

Nerves is still quite young and under very heavy development, but it is already powering rock-solid shipping industrial products. We are working diligently to have nerves ready for a wider audience by Q4 of 2015. In the meantime, if you are very hearty and interested in helping us craft nerves, contact us on the #nerves channel in the elixir-lang slack community or contact us on the mailing list.

Nerves is fully open source with a permissive (MIT) license. Nerves uses Buildroot to provide Linux, so some portions of the foundation are licensed under the GPL.